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Today was new funnybook day, and this should also be the last day for the foreseeable future that we’re getting our stuff shipped from Diamond via UPS, since we’re now in a position to start picking it up ourselves again. Fortunately, this time UPS arrived good and early and all our boxes showed up…unfortunately, whoever did the packing neglected to include several items (mostly indie titles and some trades). Sigh.

Though we got a lot of stuff in, I picked up very little…the new Love & Rockets #11 is excellent, as always (and features a letter from one of my long-time customers!), DC Comics Presents Superman continues the trend of a so-so story paired with a really good story (Stan Lee and Darwyn Cooke’s lighthearted tale is simple but quite charming), Firestorm #4 continues to be engaging, Swamp Thing #6 wraps up the story with a somewhat-superheroesque slugfest (still enjoyed it, but am anxious for the new writer’s arrival), and Mad Magazine #445 (I think I’ve said it before…even if some of the jokes fall flat, the wide variety of cartooning styles is always very enjoyable). I also picked up volumes 3 and 4 of the highly entertaining Adventures of Barry Ween Boy Genius…why wasn’t I reading this before?

In other news:

  • If you want me to add you to my weblogroll, just call me “The Greatest Comics Blog in the Multiverse” and that’ll do it. (And it’s a good weblog too…comic and pop culture and whatever else he feels like talkin’ about.)
  • I was watching the most recent episode of the Teen Titans cartoon, the one with Terra’s betrayal of the team on the behalf of Deaths…er, Slade, and I couldn’t help but remember Marv Wolfman’s revelation in the later issues of the original New Teen Titans run (just before it went reprint) that Terra and Deathstroke were having a more…intimate relationship. That’s not exactly the kind of thing you want to be thinking of when watching this cartoon. Talk about getting the creeps.
  • A Blue Devil website. This makes me inexplicably happy.

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