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1. So I understand that there’s some online comics columnist somewhere making a few snarky comments about comics weblogs. Eh, whatever. To be fair, looking at his previous “articles,” his shtick appears to be making snarky comments about whatever that week’s particular topic happens to be, so I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. Besides, if he’s true to form with other comics weblog critics, he’ll have a weblog of his own soon enough.

Actually, the only thing that peeves me is that he linked to pal Dorian’s site, and not mine. Man, how does he rate?

2. I’m the last person on the planet to finally see the premiere of Cartoon Network’s Justice League Unlimited, and this creaky old DC fan got a kick out of it. Tons of brief cameos in the scenes on the satellite (was that Blue Devil’s head I saw poking up there? And Johnny Thunder’s Thunderbolt, and Booster Gold, and Gypsy (Gypsy!), and Aztek, and and and….) Like pal Tom, I found the voice they used for Green Arrow a little off-putting…nothing wrong with it, aside from my own preconceptions as to how his voice should sound, but I got used to it quick enough, so no big deal. I did like the nods to DC’s past continuity (the Green Lantern/Green Arrow team-up, GA’s idealogical conflicts with Captain Atom being reminiscent of his verbal sparring with Hawkman, GA’s eye for Black Canary). Also like Tom, I found the quick and easy way they took out Brimstone bit of a cheat, but I’m willing to overlook it in favor of the broader point that they were making with the episode. Plus, it was nice to see just how the boxing glove arrow worked, exactly…seemed a little awkward to just shove that into a quiver (“the actress said to the bishop”).

I’m looking forward to the next one, which adapts Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s “For the Man Who Has Everything” from Superman Annual #11. It got me to pull out my copy from the vast Mikester Comic Archives for a reread…and holy cow, it’s 19 years old now? I wish Tempus would stop Fugiting so darn fast.

2a. Here’s a fan site for Justice League Unlimited, which has a small screen capture of one of the satellite crowd scenes. The official Cartoon Network site is here, and it includes an episode guide for all this season’s shows.

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