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So I was poking around the fanfilms available on Theforce.net, and found another fan-made superhero trailer in the style of Batman: Dead End and World’s Finest: Grayson, featuring an older Dick Grayson returning to Gotham to avenge the murder of Batman. It’s fun for sad old comic fans like me, and I would enjoy seeing a full-length version of this film. Amazing what they can put together on a small budget…there’s a behind-the-scenes documentary available for download as well.

It is nice to see a live-action version of Commissioner Gordon that actually looks like the comic-book version:

They even manage to make Robin not look goofy. Well, less goofy, anyway:

If only the same could be said for Green Lantern…nice ring effect, though:

And it makes the Earth 2 fan in me smile to see a grey-haired Superman:

But I can’t abide random comic rack abuse. Shame!

Elsewhere you can find a longer fan-film – Nightwing: A Knight in Bludhaven, that’s perhaps a little less polished, but it at least attempts to tell a full story.

Also found on Theforce.net is Secret Spider-Man Movie – fans angry at how comic book movies portray their favorite heroes plan to make their own version of Spider-Man 3 before Hollywood does. The trailer doesn’t show any home-made Spider-action…rather, it’s just interviews with comic fans about why they don’t think Hollywood treats superheroes with respect, starting with some brief comments from director Richard Donner. (Actually, I think they’re missing a bet…instead of making a Spider-Man film, they should do a documentary on comic fandom.) I got a laugh out of their “Why Hollywood Blows” link – they didn’t like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? They must have seen a different X-Men movie than I did.

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