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I’m still a little sick and a bit tired, so I’ll keep this relatively short.

  • I did read the normalman 20th Anniversary comic…and yes, it’s full of cheap jokes and heavy-handed criticism of the comics market (not to mention a caricature of a comic shop owner that we’ve seen only about a million times before)…but it’s all still likable, and it’s hard to resist the cheerful obtuseness of the greatest superhero of them all, Captain Everything. A nice touch is a cover gallery of normalman’s comic book appearances…and it appears I have them all. Yes, even Epic Lite. I’m apparently a normalman completist. (Though I didn’t see Max the Magnificent…wasn’t Captain Everything in that comic?)

  • Nice surprise for Swamp Thing fans in the new issue of Batman Adventures (#16).

  • I see pal Dorian has got himself linked by Fanboy Rampage. Lucky bastard.

  • Speaking of pal Dorian, he’s mentioned to me a couple times at work that somewhere on the John Byrne Forum, some industrious individual “rewrote” events in Identity Crisis so that You-Know-Who wasn’t sexually assaulted and killed. I can’t bring myself to look…it’s too sad.

  • Catwoman opens tomorrow…get your tickets yet? This review broke my Sarcast-o-meter.

  • Dear customer – please don’t get testy with me when I don’t immediately comprehend your arcane comic-collection cataloging system. When you ask me for a certain back issue using the specific code you use to log your comics, that doesn’t tell me anything. Just say, “I need issue 3 of the new She-Hulk series, please.” Is that so hard?

  • Dear another customer – you don’t need to run out to your car to get the two more cents you need to pay for your item. I have a penny jar by the register for a reason. However, dear yet another customer – that jar isn’t there so you can dig out $1.55 in pennies and nickels to help cover the cost of your $2.25 comic.

And that’s pretty much it. Oh, and congrats to pal Tom and pal Corey for finally getting on the Comics Weblog Update-A-Tron 3000.

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