Special early-bird edition!

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1. I think it may have been implied on a comic book message board that perhaps I’m complaining about the death of You-Know-Who in Identity Crisis. Nope, not me…I’m willing to accept it as part of this storyline. And besides, if anyone is really bothered by it…just wait a couple years, and I’m sure there’ll be some revamped continuity and that character will be back, fit as a fiddle.

I’ll save my gnashing of teeth and wailing in despair for when real people die, thank you.

1a. Just noticed pal Dorian weighing in with his reasoned review. He and I have been talking about this at work, and I’m glad all the ideas Dor has been bouncing around popped up in this review (particularly the rebuttal against the “kids are going to read this” argument).

2. Ain’t It Cool News reports that the Jack Black Green Lantern movie is a “go” — okay, it’s AICN and not a legitimate news source, so until you see independent confirmation somewhere, it’s still just a rumor. However, that’s not stopping calm and reasoned discussion.

2a. I don’t know where pal Corey dug up this picture, but I’m glad he did.

3. How to stir up the pot: “Andy’s behavior in Eightball #23 is indicative of the inherent fascististic tendencies of superheroes and superhero comics. Discuss.”

3a. I’m only kidding. Don’t even start with me.

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