I apologize in advance. Mostly.

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1. Something puzzling pal Dorian and me – people who are confused by Grant Morrison’s story in DC Comics Presents Mystery in Space. Why? Because it has more than one simultaneous narrative thread? Seemed pretty straightforward to us. This is right up there with complaints about not understanding Morrison’s “Rock of Ages” story from JLA.

2. Coming issues of Identity Crisis: #3 – we flash back to when You Know Who was beaten up by the Monster Society of Evil. #4 – We remember when You Know Who was audited by the IRS. #6 – You Know Who’s body is dug up and kicked around a bit by Abnegazar, Ghast & Rath. #7 – You Know Who’s body is eaten by Arkkis Chummuck.

3. Added to the weblogroll: Weezer and Geezer, run (with his pop) by Josh Cottingham, a former coworker of mine. Clearly, he’s been up to no good since leaving the funnybook-sellin’ field, since apparently he was on the reality TV show Amazing Race 4. Neat! And all this time I thought all he did was wait in lines for Star Wars movies.

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