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Okay, I’m feeling better now.

1. So just so you don’t think I was defending the forthcoming Catwoman movie with my post from the other day, let me clarify: I don’t think the Catwoman movie will be any good, but it will be for the same reasons most movies aren’t any good, and not just because it isn’t “faithful” to the Catwoman “character.”

1a. And I completely stand by my thoughts on a Jack Black Green Lantern movie. I also want to see John Goodman take over the role of James Bond (but played straight, not as a comedy). I’m perverse that way.

2. I’ve read Eightball #23 – and yes, it’s quite good. It’s similar in style to the previous issue, in that it’s essentially one story comprised of a multitude of strips, and it’s compelling reading. Look here, here, and here for better reviews than I can manage.

3. I don’t know if you’re still reading Gasoline Alley after the brief flurry of excitement regarding the death of a long-time cast member, but things are not going too well for Walt and his somewhat inadequate “caretaker” – start here and work your way forward. It’s distressing how poorly ol’ Walt is treated. (And today’s installment has a marijuana joke. Wha huh?)

4. Re: the Byrne forum on Identity Crisistold ya so. I like this thread, too. (Spoilers ahoy, by the way.)

5. So Big Larry passed along this piece of art from Joe Casey and Ian Richardson’s forthcoming AiT/Planetlar title Warhead:

Read more about it (and other coming projects) at Comicon Pulse. And hie thee hither to other comic weblogs for more preview art pieces.

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