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Here’s a brief Metafilter discussion thread on graphic novels, notable mostly for someone mentioning Will Eisner in the context of “he’s alive, but not active.” Really? That’s news to me…and to Eisner as well, I bet.

Found via Farka huge freakin’ comic book collection up for auction on eBay, including Superman #1, Batman #1, multiple copies of Giant Size X-Men #1 and Incredible Hulk #181, and more multiple copies of comics you don’t expect to see multiple copies of. That picture of 60-something copies of Wolverine mini-series #1 is a desktop picture waiting to happen, don’t you think?

Found via everywhere: collector acquires every comic book published by DC Comics. (I wonder if this includes foreign editions? “Collector Finds Out about DC’s Foreign Editions – ‘Oh, Crap’ He Says.”) My favorite quote in the article is about how this collector’s comic shop “urged” him to try to collect every DC comic. Of course they did! What did anyone expect them to say? “No, please don’t buy our full runs of Arak Son of Thunder and Sun Devils!”

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