Phone follies.

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  • Please tell me where this phone call went awry:

    Me: “Hello, this is Mike, can I help you?”

    Person on the phone: “Yes, I have some Reagan memorabilia for sale…do you buy this sort of thing?”

    Me: “No, I’m sorry, but we don’t deal in that type of merchandise.”

    P.O.T.P.: “Well, I have some commemorative coins, a copy of a newspaper from when he got shot, some collectors plates…” etc. etc.

    This phone call went awry –

    a) when the caller completely ignored the fact that I said we didn’t deal in those items and told me what he had anyway

    b) when I wasn’t firm enough with my “no” answer

    c) when I picked up the phone

  • As a comic shop manager, I must be well-rounded in my knowledge. To wit:

    Me: “Hi, this is Mike, can I help you?”

    P.O.T.P.: “What years did the Brady Bunch TV show originally run?”

    Me: “From ’69 to ’74.”

    P.O.T.P.: “Okay, thanks!”

    (Yes, I knew what years the Brady Bunch ran, just off the top of my head. Wanna make somethin’ of it?)

  • The prank phone call I received:

    “Do you have any butt comics?”

    What I said: nothing. I just ended the call.

    What I should have said: “No, but I’m sure Eros Comix will get around to them eventually.”

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