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(this post dedicated to Dan)

I remember picking up this series and liking it at the time…a female private detective who can turn into a lightning-bolt being? And it’s drawn by Dick Giordano? How can it be anything but good?

Well, in all fairness it was well drawn, though if memory serves it was printed with that Flexographic printing process that didn’t do the art any favors. I haven’t read it in years, so I can’t comment on the story. In fact, I went to the vast Mikester Comic Archives where I thought I had my copies of this series, and apparently they were victims of the Great Comics Purge I put my collection through in ’94. Alas, if only someone would have told me that 10 years later I would have been writing about that series for my weblog…to which I probably would have said, “what’s a weblog?”

Jonni Thunder herself did pop up again a few times in Infinity Inc. (that cover to the right drawn by Todd McFarlane, believe it or not), and I think she was in one or two panels of Crisis on Infinite Earths, and that was pretty much it.

As Dan also mentioned in the comment I linked above, I’m surprised she hasn’t come back in some form or another (Geoff Johns is a likely suspect, Dan notes, but a Vertigo series wouldn’t over surprise me either).

One more thing: a few months ago pal Dorian and I decided to put up that promo poster in the store, just to see if anyone noticed. I think only one person ever did.

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