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Yes, kids, the Punisher wants to make sure you have healthy lungs…before he shoots you.

Anyway, I was looking at the preview for the upcoming Hulk Vs. Thing mini-series by Bruce Jones and Jae Lee, and I was wondering about Lee’s somewhat…alternative take on Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew:

Certainly quite a bit different from Jolly Jack’s version:

Now, I admit I was a little taken aback at first by Lee’s interpretation, but it’s since grown on me. (But if I can be Anal-Retentive Comic Book Fan for just a moment…THE THING’S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE A VISIBLE NECK! …okay, I feel better now.) And given that Jones is writing it, we only have about a 10% chance of the Hulk actually showing up during the course of this story….

I did have an odd idea pop into my head, though…given the usual tail-wagging-dog nature of the relationship between comic books and the tv shows and movies based on them, I wonder if we’re not seeing in Lee’s artwork a preliminary version of the Thing make-up from the forthcoming Fantastic Four movie. I remember reading some rumors/reports that indicated the Thing’s film appearance will be designed as so to not completely obscure the actor’s face…and that design Lee is using for this mini-series would definitely be along those lines.

Or maybe Lee just felt like drawing him that way…which is the more likely explanation.

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