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Another backroom find — a Vigilante promo from ’83. I wasn’t much of a fan of the comic (I only read the first two issues and the Alan Moore/Jim Baikie two-parter), but I do like the design of this poster. Note the selling point of “quality printing.” Oh, the days of Baxter versus Mando paper….

In other news:

The Beat notes an article over at ICV2 regarding Dark Horse Comics’ plans to release the entire run of Marge’s Little Lulu in that convenient black and white manga-paperback format all the kids are into. This is one of those series I’ve been wanting to get into collecting for ages, but have always been daunted by the large number of issues and even larger collectors-market prices attached to them. $9.95 for 200 pages of Lulu comics? I’m all for it.

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