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1. Hey, I beat Rich Johnston to the punch on the whole “Vanlentino” thing with my post last Friday. We both even used variations on the same “mistreating the former boss”-type jokey reference. (Yeah, I know, big deal.)

2. Over in Tony Isabella’s most recent column, Tony writes a nice tribute to this son that includes images of classic Superboy comics. (Two words: “iron booties.”)

3. I’m going to blatantly steal from Laura and post one of these things right here:

to remind those five of you reading this webpage who didn’t already know that free comics are to be had from your local friendly comic book retailer, unless of course you’re out of town since it’s the Fourth of July weekend and all (darn you, Marvel!).

3a. Speaking of Free Comic Book Day, A Bunch of Baboons hasn’t shown up on our invoices yet…we received most of our books last week, and Slave Labor Stories and that Avatar book are coming in this week. We did order A Bunch of Baboons, but it may be this year’s “late to the FCBD party” book. If any of you folks out there get copies of this from your local store, please let me know.

4. Totally stolen from pal Andy: the Lines on Paper Cartoonist Business Card Gallery.

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