Some FCBD highlights.

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As I’d mentioned earlier in the week, we’ve received our Free Comic Book Day swag this week…well, most of it, anyway, so hopefully the couple of titles that are still AWOL will arrive next Wednesday. We spent a good chunk of the afternoon sorting out the books and deciding what funnybooks go in what package — what we’ve done for the last FCBDs is divide the comics up into three different assortments intended for different age groups. We have an All Ages bag, a Teen bag, and an Adult bag, and we plant someone at a table by the front door to distribute these goodies to all interested parties. It’s worked fine so far.

I took a few home with me today, and pal Dorian took one of each home, so you can expect him to post a pretty thorough overview of the titles sometime next week, prior to the actual Free Comic Book Day event itself. Since he’s gonna do that, I’ll just make some brief notes:

  • Okay, so Jim Valentino is no longer publisher of Image Comics — is that any reason to misspell his name on the Image freebie’s normalman back cover ad? (“Vanlentino.”)

  • On the other hand, the Image book does have a new Invincible story, so that’s nice.

  • The Sore Thumbs Election Special digest from Keenspot was a pleasant surprise…cute, and very entertaining, though probably not recommended for those of you who prefer Dennis Miller’s political humor over David Cross’.

  • Wild About Comics! from About Comics is worth picking up just for the Licensable Bear story alone. (The rest of the book is pretty good, too.)

  • Keenspot Spotlight 2004 is a nice package…digest-sized like the Sore Thumbs Election Special, and it’s 112 pages long with over a couple dozen different series represented. You’re bound to find something in here to enjoy. And heck, it’s free, don’t complain.

  • James Kochalka (Superstar) is in two, count ’em, two FCBD comics this time around — Alternative Comics and Top Shelf Tales. His Peanut Butter and Jeremy comic was one of the break-out hits of FCBD past for us (Queen and Country and Courtney Crumrin being a couple others), so it’s nice to see him participate again.

So, here’s hoping the rest of our FCBD books show up next week…the Slave Labor Stories issue is being greatly looked forward to by our customers, and that’s one of the missing ones, so it better come in with our next shipment!

EDIT: Glad to see no one (as I post this, anyway) is trying to sell the new FCBD books on eBay (just the ones from previous years), but some people are trying to sell the FCBD Catwoman movie promo cards. Hmm.

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