Blogging! It’ll always be popular!

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1. Pal Ian has started his own comics weblog (it’s all the rage, you know) over at Brill Building. It’s small now, but treat it with love and soon it will blossom.

2. Everyone’s seen that redialogued Spider-Man comic strip page that Warren Ellis linked on his site, so I’m not even gonna link it, even though I think it’s really funny in an extremely rude sort of way. So there.

3. Speaking of dirty words, Ringwood is back! Go visit the poor lad and drive his traffic stats back up.

4. This is the greatest Shadow comic book ever published:

The Shadow #19 (Jan 1989) – art by Kyle Baker

…so of course it got cancelled too soon. I think it was something about the Shadow’s owners objecting to their character’s treatment…can’t see why.

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