This is my 300th post…

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…so to celebrate, lemme reach again into the long-neglected AiT/Planetlar Box o’Love, and pull out The Couriers 02: Dirtbike Manifesto by Brian Wood and Rob G. Not much to say, really…it’s another one of Wood’s tautly-told fun and not terribly deep action movies with humor and gunplay, as the two couriers in question (Moustafa and Special) find themselves tracking down gunrunners in “redneck country” — a bit outside the city-life to which Moustafa and Special are accustomed. Again, the dialogue is sparse, telling you exactly what you need to know, and the art is deceptively simple…at first glance, it looks rushed and crude, but as the story continues, you begin to appreciate its expressiveness. Some of the fast-action “blur” effects (as when Moustafa rolls out of the way of gunfire, near the beginning of the book) don’t work quite so well, but these sequences are few and far between. So, it’s another fun book from Ait/Planetlar, and worth a look. Also, if you haven’t read the first Couriers book, don’t worry…I hadn’t either, and had no problem getting into the story. What little backstory you need (mostly, just setting up what Moustafa and Special do for a living) is given to you right away.

In other news:

Pal Dorian doesn’t have access to a computer for the moment, but updates to his site should resume shortly.

The Return of Johnny DC! Well, he’s exchanged his professor’s cap for a cape, but that’s a great darn logo.

Everyone’s already discussed the new DC solicitations, but I just wanted to note how glad I am to see the Superman: True Brit book by Kim “Howard” Johnson, John Cleese, and John Byrne…I know it’ll be more Johnson than Cleese, but having any involvement from Cleese on a Superman book has got to be worth waiting for. Plus, in regards to the new Adam Strange series…that’s a great redesign for Adam’s helmet.

Hello, everyone from The Randi Rhodes Show Forum! Don’t “skip past most everything” — read the rest of my site! I won’t bite, I promise!

And, to wrap up my 300th post…I bring you Detective Comics #300:

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