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So I really don’t know a whole lot about this particular comic, beyond that it features tennis pro Stan Smith and that it came out sometime in the early 1970s. Oh, and that it features the art of Frank McLaughlin.

Anyway, this comic features a little girl, Marie, asking Stan Smith for tips on playing tennis. Like any sports pro would, Smith immediately agrees and proceeds to spend the rest of the day giving Marie valuable one-on-one tennis training for absolutely no cost whatsoever. However, along with proper racket handling and positioning on the court, apparently Pepsi is required for your best tennis play:

And Pepsi looks silently on as Marie gives her touching and heartfelt thanks to Smith for his lessons:

On the back cover – oh, look, apparently Pepsi sponsored this comic. Who knew?

I leave you with this final tip, not just for improved tennis skills, for for a healthier life in general…just remember to drink lots and lots of Pepsi at every opportunity:

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