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1. Chaosmonkey posts a re-dialogued piece of Avengers art that makes me laugh for very immature reasons. Thor’s line, in particular.

2. Les Super-Heros DC en France. Check out the live-action-TV-version-of-the-Tick-esque costume on the Flash here.

3. Well, there’s that topic of discussion going around (as seen here, here, here, here, and here) where you’re supposed to pick your “dream teams” for various comic books. I started on my list (Jerry Siegel and Curt Swan on Superman, Matt Baker on Lois Lane, Jack Kirby on Man-Thing (you know that would be cool), Mike Parobeck on Batman, Lou Fine on Fantastic Four) when I realized all the creators on my list have passed away. How depressing. However, they’re not any less likely than some of the teams that have been suggested.

Living creators, this time: Dan Clowes and Fred Hembeck switching off on Jimmy Olsen, Grant Morrison on Rogue and Gambit (just to cause aneurysms in X-fans), George Perez on JLA (I know he’s done it before, but no one does a group book like him), Garth Ennis and Todd McFarlane on Jonah Hex (just because I think McFarlane’s art is well-suited for a western-style comic…go with me on this…and as long as he’s paired with a real writer, it wouldn’t be too bad), Harvey Pekar on Spider-Man (all those people who thought Spidey was unique because of his “real-life” problems before…they ain’t seen nothing yet), Brian Bolland on Batman…well, that’s enough.

EDIT: Just thought of another one…now, I’m not casting aspersions on the character’s current curator Kyle Baker (pretty much as close to an actual “dream-team” style creator-character match-up as you’re gonna get), but what would a John Stanley Plastic Man comic have been like? The mind boggles, reels, then boggles again.

Oh, and Kaz on Herbie the Fat Fury, just to be perverse.

EDIT AGAIN: Congratulations to pal Andy and his wife for having successfully spawned a beautiful baby boy.

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