"Eso es un batarang."

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No, this isn’t the discussion of the Swamp Thing/Challengers of the Unknown crossover I promised (well, sort promised) a while back…but it is a digest-sized Mexican edition of that comic, published in 1983. It seems like an odd choice of a comic to reissue in foreign lands. The text of the book has been redone in Spanish with what looks like machine-lettering, though some things need no translation:

Even more odd was the back-up story, one of the Earth-2 “Mr. and Mrs. Superman” stories from Superman Family:

And this isn’t just any “Mr. and Mrs. Superman” story…it’s the marriage of the Earth-2 Batman and Catwoman story! I can only wonder what our neighbors to the south thought of this particular comic. I mean, the lead story has the Challs, Deadman, Swamp Thing (who is inexplicably huge on the cover), and Rip Hunter Time Master, and the back-up has parallel universe versions of familiar superheroes, now settled down with wives. By the way, the last panel of this story has Clark revealing to the new Mrs. Wayne his secret:

…a panel that makes me smirk for no real good reason.

Also included in this comic were four Christmas postcards…well, four were originally included, but alas, by the time I got my mitts on this, only two cards were left, and they both look like this:

Soon-to-be-dead Supergirl wishes you a Merry Christmas!”

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