The New Comics Day Rundown

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  • JLA #94 – if I were John Byrne, I would be incredibly pissed at the coloring error near the climax of the story…without giving it away, one character shouts that something is one color when the stuff in question is most definitely another color. (And yes, the color is a plot point.) I haven’t popped in over at the Byrne forums yet, but I imagine there is much blowing of gaskets.

    EDIT: Actually, just popped in. Yup, he’s not happy. I don’t blame him.

  • Batman: Harley and Ivy #2 – well, if the shower scene in the first issue didn’t convince retailers to not try to sell this to the same young audience that buys Batman Adventures, this issue’s splash page (or, rather, splayed page) certainly will. Still good fun…but not for the kiddies!
  • The Comics Journal #260 – it’s a little closer to that middle-ground comics magazine the Comicsweblogosphere was going on about over the last week or two. I particularly like the “Journal Datebook” news round-up. Haven’t had a chance to read the mag yet, but it looks like Dirk Deppey did a good job on his first full issue as managing editor.
  • Promethea #30 – remember a couple entries back where I mentioned that Uncanny X-Men #175 probably wasn’t the best place to start reading the title? That applies even more so to Promethea. Hoo boy. If you didn’t like this title before, you’re not gonna like it now. I, on the other hand, loved it. Look for the cute sight gag involving Tomorrow Stories‘ First American.
  • Punisher #6 – oh, dear. The long-time Punisher fans are going to hate this issue.
  • The Moth #2 and DC: The New Frontier #4 – haven’t had a chance to read these yet, but did want to note how fantastic the art is in both of these books. Absolutely wonderful. I’m really just grateful to have Steve Rude drawing anything on a regular basis again.
  • Legion #33 – is there anyone reading the Legion of Super-Heroes now that hasn’t been reading it for twenty years? It just doesn’t seem like the kind of title that attracts new readers on a regular basis. Even throwing Superboy on the covers only bumped up sales a copy or two at the store. I mean, I like it, but it seems a little insular. I know there’s a Mark Waid/Barry Kitson revamp coming, but short of starting over from scratch yet again, I don’t know what they expect they can do to expand the readership.

Oh, and I understand a new X-Men book of some sort came out today as well.

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