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1. Leave it to Mark Millar to take a Microsoft Word crash and turn it into a story of terror and suspense. Don’t jump ahead to the breathtaking ending! It’s surprisingly nervewracking. (via Popp’d)

2. Apparently the superhero parody movie The Incredibles will undermine all the serious work done with superhero comics. You know, like Byrne’s JLA.

That’s a huge assumption, thinking the general public gives any thought to superhero comics one way or the other (beyond “hey, I hear old comics are worth something” or “they still publish these things?”).

2a. On a related note…the Adam West Batman TV show was a fairly accurate depiction of superhero comics, despite what some comic fans want to believe. (Not that I’m complaining about either…West’s Batman is still my favorite live-action version, though Alyas Batman and Robin is a very close second.)

3. Speaking of Byrne…ever notice how much Neil Gaiman’s Sandman resembles Byrne’s Alpha Flight run? Both feature super-hero teams that don’t really fight together as a team, and the members of the teams don’t even necessarily get along with each other; both feature the death of a team member that’s immediately replaced by another team member; there’s crossovers with other superhero teams early in the series (the Justice League pops up in Sandman, the Fantastic Four (or, rather, Invisible Woman) in Alpha Flight); there’s a lot of magic roaming around in each series, there are solo adventures of some of the characters; and so on. The one negative point against Sandman — a marked lack of Super Skrull, who makes a notable appearance in Alpha Flight.

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