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1. As for that exclusive Spider-man hardcover Barnes & Noble is carrying…I expect it’ll have the same fate as all the other Marvel books at our local Barnes & Noble. It’ll sit on the shelf, unsold, getting progressively more shopworn as it gets manhandled by kids or read for free in the B&N coffee nook, until it finally gets tossed on the discount table.

1a. We also have a Borders within spitting distance of our store…but it seems like half its employees are also customers of ours, and we get all kinds of referrals to our store from there, so I can’t really complain.

2. Saw three superhero-related trailers last night…the new Spider-Man 2 trailer is one of those Walt Disney-style trailers that seem to show you the entire movie. The film looks okay to me…better than the first one, anyway. Catwoman got a few snickers, as expected, and no one knew what to make of Constantine (which may be an entertaining movie, so long as you don’t expect it to have any semblance to the comic whatsoever).

3. Sad news: according to this post by J. Michael Straczynski, actor Richard Biggs (who portrayed Dr. Stephen Franklin on Straczynski’s Babylon 5) suddenly passed away Saturday morning. He was a far too young 43.

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