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The winners of the Demo giveaway have been announced…they’re all top-notch, but my favorite is the Special Prize Winner at the very end.

New comics this week:

  • Seaguy #1 is just as absolutely mad as I was hoping. We’re plopped right down in the middle of an established superhero “universe” — it all seems completely insane, but it’s no more nutty than the stuff we accept with regularity in X-Men or Superman. This is probably as close as a long-time comic reader like me (or most of you, for that matter) will come to sharing the experience of someone who has never before read a comic book perusing an issue of, say JSA.
  • Justice League: Another Nail #1 (speaking of crazy continuity) picks up where Justice League: The Nail left off…or rather, glossed over, as the Green Lantern Corps/New Gods war that happened off-stage in the last series is detailed at the beginning of this new series. The art of Alan Davis (with Mark Farmer) is as great as it always is. Makes one wish he’d draw a good comic series on a regular basis.
  • I think the new Invincible (#12) took me all of about two minutes to read, but that’s okay, because the emotional impact of this story more than made up for its apparent brevity. I want #13 in my hands by next week, Kirkman!
  • Also picked up the new Demo (#6) — darn you, Larry Young, for getting me hooked on yet another comic series! (That sound you hear is the evil laughter of Big Larry.) Yes, it’s good. Do I need to tell you that?

Geek talk alert: so I’m chatting with pal Corey, pal Ian, and pal Dorian about the Spectre today. I’m still pushing for the quite-possibly-soon-to-be-late Sue Dibny to be the new Spectre. Pal Corey suggested Arthur Curry, Jr. (yes, that’s right, the deceased Aquababy – “I’m the Spiwit of Vengeance!“). Pal Dorian wants a fresh start…a brand new character as the Spectre. I believe pal Ian suggested former Robin Jason Todd, but I think we’re all holding out the possibility that he may come back (re: events at the end of Hush). Pal Corey also said, joking aside, that it could be Adrian Chase, AKA Vigilante…pal Dorian believes that might involve a little too much back story, but I think a page of flashback might be enough to get folks up to speed.

Yes, I know that’s extremely geeky. Whaddaya want from a comics weblog?

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