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As you may have read here (among other places), there has been a death in the Gasoline Alley comic strip. And, as has also been noted, the cartoonist has been playing coy as to who it actually was that passed on…Walt Wallet or his wife, Phyllis. My prediction: it’ll be a dramatic revealing of the tombstone that finally ends the mystery.

It’s my guess that it’s most likely Phyllis who passed on…see, just prior to this sequence (which started a couple weeks ago) Phyllis revealed that she knew a secret about Skeezix and his adoption over 80 years ago, and no amount of cajoling from Walt would get her to spill. If she passed on before revealing the secret, then the next storyline would almost certainly be kicked off for a search for what that secret would have been.

Or I’m completely wrong, and it was Walt. Heck, I’m just stunned by the fact that Gasoline Alley is even on a comics page somewhere.

EDIT: According to an article posted here 1) the death will be revealed on May 5th, and 2) Gasoline Alley appears in 80 newspapers.

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