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1. Since some of my fellow comics webloggers are taking this test, I thought I would as well. My results: “37.86982% – Major Geek,” which should come as a surprise to no one. I also believe I should get extra points for a) having seen Spaceballs in a theatre, and b) running a comic shop.

2. Still working my way through the AiT/Planetlar box…I should have another review or two in the next day or so. Also, according to our invoice we should be receiving our copies of AiT/PL’s Planet of the Capes this Wednesday (though, in recent weeks with our distributor, “appearing on the invoice” and “actually arriving at the store” don’t necessarily always coincide).

3. And that’s it, really. Slow night. And besides, it’s Sunday…who posts to their weblog on a Sunday (aside from some of these people)? Just so you don’t go away empty-handed, though, here’s one of these:

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