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1. I’ve apparently contributed to a firestorm of controversy, and I didn’t even realize it!

2. Because you demanded it…here’s the back cover of that Four Color Comics #289 from this post, showing how the “animation” is supposed to work.

So you’re basically cutting out a super-long tongue and stringing it through slits in the cover to make the characters look like they’re shouting at each other. Well, I guess that’s what kids did before Grand Theft Auto.

3. You know what? There’s not a single damn story that can’t be improved by adding a superhero to it. Pirate movies, secret agent movies, espionage team comics, sword and sorcery novels, romance novels, whatever. How many of Hamlet’s problems would have been solved if he had X-ray vision or super-hearing? If Harvey Pekar could fly, wouldn’t he be a darn sight cheerier? If Bambi had powers like Iceman’s, Bambi’s mom could have been saved. You know I’m right.

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