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Yesterday I received my parcel from Big Larry, so here we go…here’s my review of my AiT/Planetlar box:

Well, the box is about 18 inches long, 13 inches high, and about 3 inches deep; it weighs about, say, 15 pounds, and there’s some heavy scuffing along the sides. I find it to be a very satisfactory box, and I recommend it to…

…Ah, I’m just messin’ with you. I’ll start reviewing the actual contents this coming week.

Actually, I’m very grateful to get this box of goodies. I don’t really get a lot of comics on a weekly basis anymore, especially compared to the buy-lists that some of my comic-weblogging brethren (and sister-en) will post on occasion. This is not due to lack of interest so much as due to lack of time and lack of extra funds, both mostly as the result of being a (relatively) new homeowner. I do however attempt to at least glance through most comics and books as they pass through the store…if I’m gonna be selling them, I’d better know a little something about them.

This means that an awful lot of those original graphic novels that have been coming out I’ve been having to pass up buying for myself, and that includes a goodly chunk of AiT/Planetlar’s output. I’ve noticed how well they’ve been selling at the store (especially Couscous Express) but I never had more than a brief look between the covers…until now. And no, I just can’t read them at the store…one, I don’t like to sell used goods as new, and two, unlike what some people think, running a comic shop doesn’t mean you get to sit around and read comics all day. It would be nice, but that’s not the case.

So, again, thanks to Big Larry for sending these my way. My reviews (such as they are) will follow soon.

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