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1. Alas, The Hurting has retired his comics link-a-thon efforts. They were much appreciated, especially in these Journalista-free times.

1a. Re: Journalista, in the silver lining department – being mentioned in the last entry means that the link to my site has been featured for nearly two months…and I’m still getting traffic from there. Woo-hoo!

2. The only thing I’m wondering about this whole Marvel ICON imprint thing (Fanboy Rampage has got it covered, starting here) is when Milestone is going to send the cease and desist letter.

3. Still haven’t seen Hellboy. Oh, well, I’m sure the DVD will be out in a couple months.

4. In case you haven’t noticed, the Great Losers giveaway contest from Ringwood has finished, and he’s posted the winning entries and some runners-up (starting here. Mature audiences only…you are all mature, aren’t you?

5. Comics Continuum has got the DC solicitations up…everyone else has covered it very thoroughly (am I the only person on the planet outside the John Byrne Forum actually kinda sorta looking forward to his Doom Patrol series? …don’t answer that), but I did want to point out a couple things in the DC Direct section. Though I already have the previous Golden Age Green Lantern action figure, I am sorely tempted by the First Appearance version of same (he’s got a cloth cape…a cloth cape!)…and while this Brian Bolland Flash poster is very nice…I hope they center the image a bit, throw a logo on it, or something…it looks a little awkward to me as is. Oh, and they really need to stop doing stretching action figures (like the Elongated Man figure…link not working) until they perfect that stretching technology. You know, like Stretch Armstong, but on a scale suited to 7-inch action figures.

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