This week’s comics.

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A few words about this week’s comics:

New X-Men/Uncanny X-Men: oh, Marvel’s still publishing X-Men books? Wonder why they’re bothering.

Plastic Man #5: this comic gets better and better with each succeeding issue. PM’s hapless sidekick Woozy is still dead, apparently…though I’m sure we’ll see him get better sooner or later. And if that isn’t one of the more disturbing covers you’ve seen lately…sheesh.

Alter Ego #35: Number 35!!?! Hokey smokes! …Anyway, this issue has a nice long interview with Al Jaffee, known by most people for his Mad Magazine Fold-Ins (and his Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, and his great inventions, and “Hawks & Doves”). However, he was also a prolific Timely Comics artist and discusses that work in this interview. And I also share my birthday with him, just for your information.

Supreme Power #9: I haven’t been picking this series up, though I have been flipping through the issues as they’ve been coming in the store…the fact that I’ve continued flipping through the issues probably means I should have just been out-and-out reading it from the beginning. Ah, well, that’s what trades are for, I guess. I did want to point out what must certainly be an unintentional similarity between this issue and issue…#4?…of Miracleman, with the superpowered being (Hyperion/Miracleman) calmly walking through the ineffective defenses around a government compound to discover the secrets about his origin waiting within. Again, I’m sure this was just a coincidence, and just the result of my having read too many darn comics and thus able to notice these kind of similarities.

Sandman Presents: Thessaly Witch for Hire: I hope these Thessaly comics continue as a semi-regular thing…a mini-series every couple years would be enough, so long as Bill Willingham and Shawn McManus stay on as the storytellers.

Swamp Thing #2: discussed last week, though I hope some of you long-time Swampy readers now see what I mean when I said the beginning of the book felt like it was from the Rick Veitch run.

Punisher: The End: I can’t improve on the perfection of Pop Culture Gadabout‘s description of this comic being like one of the Tom Veitch/Greg Irons EC Comics-esque undergrounds. That’s exactly what it feels like. Granted, that’s a tough way for me to describe it to some of our customers (“It’s just like Two-Fisted Zombies!” “Uh, what?”) but that’s really an on-the-nose take on this book. And yes, it’s really good.

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