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1. Let us give a hearty fare-thee-well to The Comics Burrito!

2. An informal survey of friends, acquaintances, and other people whom I felt I could annoy has shown a slight favoring of Superman II over the first Superman film. As for why this would be (aside from all of them being high), all I can figure is that, as an action film, the second is more satisfying than the first. It’s hard to top that all-out battle between Supes and the Phantom Zone villains.

Though I wonder how many people who think that II is the better film have actually seen the films recently. I know that I had always thought the two were on par with each other, until I watched the DVDs that were released a year or so ago. I hadn’t seen either film in quite a long time…and I was surprised by how poorly II compared to the first film, both on a technical level and a writing level.

2a. A couple friends had expressed preference for III…I have not seen that film in a long time, and was the only Superman film I didn’t see in the theatre. I sorta get the feeling that I’d enjoy it more now than I would have as a youngster…if only for the odd juxtaposition of Richard Pryor and the Man of Steel.

2b. Yes, that means I saw IV in the theatre. (Was there really “repair-Great-Wall-of-China-vision” in that movie, or was I imagining it?) I recommend the comic book version, which includes the extra scenes that were trimmed out of the movie, and is overall just plain less painful an experience.

3. Okay, enough about comic book movies. Take a look at Flat Earth, who has found a downright groovy Batman comic that Legomancer had been looking for. Good show, old chap!

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