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1. Hey, are you a loser? Then hie thee hither to Ringwood and enter the contest to win a full run of DC/Vertigo’s The Losers! Just tell them why you’re the Biggest Loser Ever…I can’t enter because I’m a winner, a winner, baby!

1a. Actually, that’s a good idea, and thus ripe for stealing. I’ll have to come up with a contest of my own. Don’t worry…it probably won’t involve nudity.

2. Still haven’t had a chance to see Hellboy yet…pal Dorian has seen it, and wasn’t terribly impressed. Sigh…honestly, I want to think that I’ll like it, but it just looks like yet another Hollywood movie with more budget than sense, where everyone’s problems get solved at the end with a series of large explosions.

2a. Speaking of comic book movies, the Academy is gonna make Halle Berry give back her Oscar for this Catwoman film.

2b. Still speaking of C.B.M.s, can someone explain to me why some people think Superman II is as good, if not better, than the first Superman movie? Yes, Superman II has the definitive live-action super-battle* and your minimum daily allotment of Zod, but overall it’s just a more…inept film than the 95% perfect first movie. Pal Dorian says it’s that 5% of the first film, the completely botched ending, that sucks away all the memories of the good parts of the film, which makes the 2nd film look that much better. What say you, internet pals?

2c. The best Batman movie is still the original Adam West one: “Of what use is a dream if not a blueprint for courageous action?”** Those more recent live-action Batman films sure haven’t aged well, have they?

3. Did you know that the official site for the publishers of Dead @17 has a weblog?

4. I’m still waiting for my first phone call at the store regarding these comics. “No, I know they’re real, I saw them on the internet!”

*God forgive me for even typing that.

**This is the correct quote, double-checked against my copy of the DVD. A lot of online sources get it wrong.

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