"WANTED: Grant Morrison for Crimes Against Reason"

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Text on poster is as follows:




Doom Patrol writer Grant Morrison is accused of the following unnatural acts:

  • Corrupting the minds of impressionable comics readers

  • Altering DC characters beyond recognition

  • Twisting a nice, wholesome superhero book into his own bizarre personal nightmare

Previous offenses: Animal Man, Arkham Asylum

Those unfamiliar with Morrison’s outrageously surreal writing should pick up the subversive Doom Patrol immediately.

But use extreme caution – weirdness can be addictive.”

This is an official DC Comics promotional poster, dated 1990. I was going through some old boxes of stuff we had stored away in the back room and found this treasure.

I’m amused by the fact that the things DC trumpeted as Morrison’s virtues on this poster are pretty much the same things said by comic book message board Morrison-haters. You know the type: “ew, it’s weird and and I don’t understand it, therefore it’s bad.”

And yes, those are lamps coming out of his head. I believe this is the “light bulbs = ideas” metaphor made literal. God bless Grant Morrison.

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