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Everything’s Archie #118 (Archie Comics, July 1985), cover by Dan DeCarlo

Sometimes what’s going on in the background of some of the Archie covers is more interesting that the main gag. Looking at the above image, we see that we’re supposed to be amused by professional leerer Archie Andrews’ interest in jogging being solely looking at girls in jogging attire.

However, the stuff going on in the background is a little more interesting. For example, look at this guy:

Look at the grin on that face. That’s not innocent at all. Clearly he’s ogling the girls in the left background:

who themselves appears to be inordinately worried about something. They’re not worried about the buy in the blue hat who’s pretending to read the paper, since he’s out of their line of sight. My guess is that they’re looking at Archie, wondering if he’s going to pounce out from behind that tree to do something uncouth to them. Or maybe they’re just wondering what’s up with Jughead’s orange pants.

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