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1. I know that Marvel sorta got shafted regarding what they could and could not do in their 1980 Star Trek series, but, really, was this necessary:

Star Trek #16 (Marvel Comics, October 1981) – cover by Luke McDonnell and Al Milgrom

The story’s title? “There’s No Space Like Gnomes!” Okay, Marvel, for that title alone I forgive you.

In all fairness, this wasn’t too far off from the stories that popped up on the TV show.

2. Thank you, Dave Intermittent, for reminding me of this great review of Batman: Hush by Sean Collins. I wasn’t exactly a big fan of this story either, but I was willing to proclaim it “The Greatest Batman Story Ever” when (SPOILER ALERT) it appeared that the presumed-dead former Robin Jason Todd was the villain of the piece. The only thing that could have made me me happier would be seeing, say, the Anti-Monitor on the last page of an issue of JSA, multiple Earths looming in the background, proclaiming “THE CRISIS ISN’T OVER!” Anyway, it turned out not to be Jason Todd, which was exceedingly disappointing.

3. This is kind of neat…a screensaver from DC Comics that updates itself with cover images and synopses of the publisher’s current comics. It’s not really much of a screensaver, since all it’s doing is replacing one presumably static image with another mostly static image. Still kinda cool, though…is this what was meant by that “internet push” technology that everyone was talking about a few years ago?

4. Neilalien is gathering comic book collective nouns, and it’s nice to know that I was the first with the suggestion of “a hoary host of Dr. Strange fans.” It’s two words instead of the preferred one word, but really, anything other than “hoary host” just wouldn’t satisfy. I’m trying to think of one for Swamp Thing fans…”a quagmire of Swamp Thing fans?” “A hallucinogenic tuber of Swamp Things fans?” Oh, I don’t know.

5. Everyone has posted a link to this site (beginning with the aforementioned Neilalien), but I have to include it here, too: Comic Book Gorillarama! Comics and gorillas – joined together for a stronger America.

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