Howard the Duck: The Special Edition and other horror stories.

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1. I have one of those feed-type things, finally…it’s located here. If you’re on LiveJournal, you can pick up the feed here. No images will load, unfortunately, but feel free to pop back in here for a looksee if you want.

2. One of the signs of the apocalypse, Howard the Duck on DVD, was apparently discussed by George Lucas recently, and he mentioned something about a CG-Howard! Aiiiee! Take a look here for the sound file from the actual interview. (Not a permalink…it’s under 3/11/04.)

2a. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but you know all those Howard the Duck DVDs on eBay? Bootlegs ahoy, my friends.

2b. Two things would make me buy a Howard the Duck DVD…the original trailer (done like an Entertainment Tonight behind-the-scenes show, with the actors and crew talking about working with that Howard guy), and commentary by Howard’s creator, Steve Gerber.

3. Apparently a comics publisher complained about the quality of comics weblogs on his…um, on his comics weblog, actually. Well, most of the comics weblogs I frequent (take a look to the right, there) are pretty good, I think. Maybe this publisher is actually thinking of Newsarama forums.

4. Yes, it’s the official novelization of Garfield: The Movie. I’m sure you’ve all seen it this by now, as I was inundated by links to it on darn near every weblog I’ve come across. However, my favorite comment was this one from Metafilter: “Experience the pending awfulness first hand, then the relief of knowing you didn’t have to write it.”

4a. “I’d like to thank the A-cat-emy.” Oh dear Lord.

4b. How long before Garfield: The Movie is the top Google search for “worst movie of 2004?” Most references to this film usually include “worst movie of 2004” nearby somewhere (you know, like this post).

4c. I know you shouldn’t judge a film before it’s out, but honestly.

5. Just so that this entry isn’t all complaining and cattiness, here’s someone’s in-depth look at Tomahawk’s greatest nemesis – Frontier Frankenstein! (The main page links to some other comics articles…including a look at Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein!)

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