The many and varied crimes of Cicero Pig.

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I first began to suspect something was up here on the back cover of Bugs Bunny Trick or Treat Halloween Fun Giant #4 (Dell Comics 1955):

Now, I was willing to give Cicero Pig, the nephew of Porky Pig, the benefit of a doubt. That hot dog he’s cooking isn’t necessarily made from pork products…it could very well be a turkey dog, or even some kind of soy dog.

But then I saw this:

Cicero’s innocent expression seems to imply that he was merely trying to scale a hill like his uncle but misaimed his pick, but look closely…there’s no rock face anywhere near where Cicero plunged his weapon. If that pick was jammed into Porky’s pack, it could only have been put there on purpose. Look at Porky’s expression…even he looks worried that Cicero has designs on his life.

Now, granted, Cicero is nowhere to be found at this next crime scene:

However, I don’t care how heavy Porky supposedly is…it’s something of a coincidence that both ropes were to split at more or less the same position at the same time. Almost as if they were…cut.

Darn you, Cicero Pig! Darn you and your murderous ways!

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