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Okay, it’s time for the first JLA by Claremont and Byrne update, as per this post of mine:

1. No “friends of yours, Bats” crack was made, and…

2. No heroine turned evil and suddenly started wearing lingerie.


However, “Bats” did show up in dialogue.

Okay, that said…I did enjoy the first issue of this storyline. It sure looks nice (the Byrne/Ordway combo is a winner), and the writing is…well, it sure looks nice. Ah, that’s not fair…it’s standard superhero adventure-type writing, which does its job. At least you feel like stuff is happening and a plot is moving forward, which is more than a lot of superhero comics nowadays.

Also, I did pick up Street Angel from Slave Labor…mostly because several other comics webloggers, starting with Alan David Doane, kept going on about it, and I was curious. No chance to read it yet (I’m typing this instead, you lucky people), but it looks like a lot of fun. I’m reminded of My Monkey’s Name Is Jennifer for no good reason. It sorta has a similar feel at first glance. Heck, there’s no justifying that comparison. Just get your own copy and read it yourself.

Oh, and JSA was good, too. God bless Geoff Johns for bringing back Per Degaton.

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