New comics follies.

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Most disappointing part of New Comics Day: having pal Dorian look at the cover of the new issue of Uncle Scrooge and proclaim “Golden Age Scrooge versus Modern Age Scrooge!” For a brief moment, I thought this was true (what with the presence of Magica DeSpell on the cover), but, alas, it’s just yet another distant relation and most definitely not a time-travel Scrooge vs. Scrooge story. Rats.

A couple nice items showed up today…volume two of Gyo by Junji Ito, which, if at possible, looks even more horrifying than the first volume. I’d written about Gyo before, and looking back, I realize that I never did follow up on Uzumaki. I’d better get cracking. Also arrived today was 8 1/2 Ghosts by Rich Tommaso…just grabbed it on a whim. There’re ghosts, there’re sordid doings, there’s filmmaking, Satan is in there somewhere…I haven’t read it yet, so I have no idea what’s going on, but it looks to be pretty entertaining.

Also took a look at a couple previews of comics shipping next week…the first issue of the Punisher movie adaptation has this winner of a last page image (SPOILER ALERT, in case you’ve never read a Marvel comic book in your entire life). If that’s an accurate portrayal of the quality of the movie…well, consider yourself forewarned. I did read the new Swamp Thing #1 by Andy Diggle and Enrique Breccia…oh, it’s good. It’s practically issue #172 of the prior Alec Holland Swamp Thing series, without ignoring the intervening Daughter of Swampy stories. Pick that up next week, internet pals. Oh, and pal Dorian pointed out in the new Alpha Flight #1 that one of the characters is the son of Major Mapleleaf…isn’t the death of Major Mapleleaf’s son one of the main “plot” points in the “Northstar Comes Out” issue from a previous Alpha Flight series? I suppose it could be another son…but what if it isn’t? What if it’s Major Mapleleaf’s zombie son, back from the dead to fight crime in Canada? I’d read that, certainly. Well, read it next week and we’ll all find out together, I guess.

Oh, and just in case you can’t get into Mel Gibson’s Passion movie tonight, may I suggest this viable substitute?

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