Weekly Action.

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Something I was discussing with pal Corey earlier…all the serialized stories that ran in Action Comics Weekly that have never turned up in any collections anywhere. It may be a bit late for the Deadman stories by Mike Baron, Kelley Jones, and others, given the fate of the recent Deadman series, and that the Green Lantern serials (featuring work by Peter David and Gil Kane, not on the same stories) haven’t been collected is a darn shame…but the real tragedy is that the Sunday page-style strips by Roger Stern and Curt Swan from this series are now out of print. This was good stuff…a breath of classic Superman air in the midst of the hot Byrne/Wolfman revamp gale (“he said, stretching out his really awful metaphor”).


I found this mind-boggling convention sketch by Tim Vigil of the death of Green Lantern supporting character Katma Tui (an event from one of the Action Comics Weekly GL serials).

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