Oh, sure, send more junk mail, we can’t get enough.

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So at the store today we received an mass-mailing e-mail from some comic publishing company, asking if we wanted to host a signing with some of their creators.

However, due to some screw-up on their end, any e-mail sent to that publisher’s address was immediately sent back out to all the people on the mailing list. Lots and lots of messages, most of which read “PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM YOUR MAILING LIST,” ended up in our (and everyone else’s) mailbox.

Bad, right? And this wasn’t the first time this particular publisher has had this problem…the same thing happened a few months ago.

It gets worse. Some of the retailers on the mailing list, sensing an opportunity, start sending e-mails advertising themselves, conventions, what have you, to the publisher’s e-mail address on purpose, effectively spamming everyone else stuck on this godforsaken mailing list. Yes, really. Like we don’t have enough spam, and like we don’t have enough people on this mailing list continually sending “take me off this list” messages. We really need your advertising, too.

Now, I’m not going to name names (though I could…I’ve saved every message), but this really cheesed my crackers, and I hope the next time this happens (and it probably will), those would-be spammers keep their e-mails to themselves and not make a confusing situation worse.

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