Lots more misc.

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1. Re: the X-Men Reloaded thing…insert snarky comment about being able to save lots of money on X-Men books here.

2. Some more thoughts about the upcoming Firestorm series…as I said before, I read the entire previous series. All 100 issues, plus the annuals. The first, say, couple dozen issues are the best, and still stand up as good comics. The last couple dozen issues, which feature a drastically different take on the character, are pretty good as well. The middle fifty issues are, well, not all that good, really. I liked them when I was younger, but looking back at them now…well, they still have some nostalgic appeal to me, but I don’t want to see a new series that treads the same old ground.

3. Abadazad is just as good as I’d hoped it would be. I was buying it mainly for the rare comics illustration job by Mike Ploog, but thankfully J.M. DeMatteis seems to be on his game here. This issue is all set-up, but it’s the best kind of set-up…you can’t wait for the next issue.

4. Picked up Nabiel Kanan’s Now & Then just on a whim…the art of the lead story (described in that link) appealed to me, but the rest of the book (old music industry gags, some other one page strips) didn’t really do much for me. That first story is very nicely done, however. Take a look, sez I.

5. I have no good excuse for liking Superman/Batman, but I like it anyway. It’s just a big, loud, dumb comic book and it knows it. Perfect. I’m a little tired of the shared Supes/Bats narrative voices, though.

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