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Poking through the DC solicitation info (because, you know, you haven’t seen it enough on everyone else’s weblogs):

  • Firestorm #1 – yeah, I know, everyone’s having a conniption fit over it, but, as someone who bought every single gosh darn issue of the previous series off the stands, I don’t have any problems with any of the changes. Geez, relax, people.

  • Justice League of America: Another Nail #1 – hey, cool. That first mini-series was a lot of fun. Alan Davis does some darn fine funny-bookin’.

  • DC 100 Page Super Spectacular – even though I already have the original comic, it may be worth rebuying just so I have a nice copy of that Neal Adams wraparound cover. My copy looks like it was jumped on by a moose.

  • Richard Dragon #1 – the heck? What’s next, a Star Hunters revival? More Rima the Jungle Girl? (Well, actually, now that I think about it….)

  • Sea Guy #1 – in the very remote chance you haven’t seen it yet, go look. This new mini from Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart is going to be brilliant. And, yes, I’m sure the usual suspects will claim it’s “self-indulgent,” “hard to understand,” blah blah blah, so on, so forth…all the things they usually say to hide the fact that they can’t appreciate imagination when they see it.

  • Swamp Thing #3 – isn’t the morphogenic field (in this context, anyway) that thingie from Animal Man? Anyway, I’m glad that they’re not entirely forgetting about the previous Swamp Thing series, since, you know, I’m a Swamp Thing fanboy, and messing with the character’s continuity is just the sort of thing that’ll mess with my Swamp Thing fanboy head.

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