Byrne ahoy!

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So the John Byrne Message Board is trying to anticipate criticisms of the forthcoming JLA run by Byrne and Chris Claremont by posting some of the more common complaints the anti-Byrne crowd usually comes up with. A couple they forgot, courtesy pal Dorian:

1. I can’t believe that, upon encountering the vampires, Green Lantern turned to Batman and said, “friends of yours, Bats?” (Well, maybe not the “Bats” part, given how Byrne feels about that.)

2. I can’t believe that, once again in a [Claremont / Byrne / Claremont & Byrne] comic, when one of the female characters turned evil, she started wearing lingerie.

In other Byrne Forum news, the new URL for that site is Good name! (Read more about the history of that name here.)

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