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So the other day I was flipping through the latest issue of Invincible by Robert Kirkman and Corey Walker, and found myself quite enjoying it. I ended up buying the Invincible: Family Matters trade paperback, a good deal at $12.95 for four issues plus bonus material. It’s a nice mostly angst-free take on the generational superhero, with a twist (noted by others) that the parents encourage the son’s superheroic activities, rather than the son hiding his abilities from them, parents protecting the child, et al. There are a couple “proofreading by spellchecker” typos that I noticed, but otherwise the production values on this item are quite nice. Kurt Busiek, whose Astro City is of a kind with this series, supplies an amusing introduction. The last thing I need to be reading is yet another superhero comic, but when it’s well done, and appears to have a specific point of view (rather than just filling a space on the new comics rack each month), it’s hard to resist.

Now I’m not a “wait for the trade” guy…I like buying the single issues. However, every once in a while a series will slip by me and I’ll pick up the trades and whatever single issues I need to catch up. I did the same thing on Planetary, James Robinson’s Starman, and, way back when in those pre-phone book days, I caught up on Cerebus with the Swords of Cerebus volumes. In the case of Invincible, though, I’ve decided to wait for the second trade, mostly because it’s due out Any Day Now.

You can read the first issue of Invincible (along with several other comics) here.

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