Worst Comic Book Ever.

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Just out of curiosity, a Google search on the phrase “worst comic book ever” turns up the following titles:

#1 – X-Force – okay, who was surprised? It’s in the context of “look what Peter Milligan managed to do with this terrible comic!”

#2 – Shanda the Panda – poor Shanda. I don’t have anything against it, myself. And, believe it or not, it’s a store owner pointing at the comic, calling it the worst ever in this article. I would never do that in my store…that’s what weblogs are for.

#3 – Star Jam Comics #6 – oh, there’s no defending this one. It’s one of those X-Entertainment reviews, which are always worth reading.

The only reference I have found to the actual worst comic ever published, Shadow of the Groundhog, is here.

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