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1. As much as I loved Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men, I really can’t bring myself to slog through the last couple of issues. Oy, that art! It dares you to look at it. Yes, I know some people like that sort of thing, but to these aged eyes raised on a diet of Curt Swan, it’s rough going.

2. The best comic-related publication to come out this week? Comic Book Heaven #9, from Slave Labor. Scott Saavedra brings us the goofiest comics from the Golden, Silver, and Bronze ages, with plenty of commentary! It’s well worth your time.

3. DC prez Paul Levitz talks about what elements should comprise the new Batman movie. DC doesn’t have final approval on the script, according to the article, so basically the filmmakers don’t have to pay attention to anything Levitz has to say. Bet we’ll get plenty of action figures and fast food kids’ meals out of the film, though.

4. Speaking of comic book movies, it looks like it’s just me and pal Dorian against the world regarding the upcoming Hellboy movie. I love the Hellboy comic, I love Mignola’s work in general…but what we’ve seen of this movie so far (the trailer and some other materials) doesn’t fill us with much hope. What is it that other people are seeing in the trailer that we aren’t? (We see dodgy CGI and shaky dialogue.)

5. Every once in a while, I get nostalgic for Marvel’s Pizzazz magazine. I had a subscription to Pizzazz right at the end of the run…when it was cancelled, I got a note from Marvel asking me to pick a comic to replace the rest of my paid sub. I ended up taking The Amazing Spider-Man…I got 197 and 199 to 205. That’s right, Marvel still owes me an ASM 198, those swine.

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