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Special thanks to NeilAlien, who, unlike me, actually knows how to use a graphics program, and sent me a significantly brighter scan of the panel I posted here.

I wish I had more to say about Julius Schwartz…I grew up with his Superman comics, so it certainly saddens me to see him go. Take a visit to Flat Earth for a good round-up of articles about Julie, and of course Mark Evanier has lots to say…it starts with the post I linked, and occupies most of his weblog to date. Evan Dorkin relates his memories of the man as well.

Speaking of Dorkin, he confirms the Wizard story on the Metal Men series he’s doing with Mike Allred. Well, good…I’m all for more fun comics. (As opposed to More Fun Comics, which…well, actually, I’m all for those, too, come to think of it.)

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