A random post of random randomness…with a dash of Byrne.

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1 John Byrne has been dropping hints on his message board about a forthcoming project of his from DC Comics, referred to only as “Title Withheld.” And, since the Title will apparently be Unwithheld real soon now, a series of threads have popped up with fans making their final guesses before the big reveal. (Someone guessed Challengers of the Unknown…uh, it’s taken, thanks.) Actually, this is a relatively clever method of drumming up some excitement in the fans for what probably is just going to be another DC superhero book…a method that’s even more impressive given how hard it is to keep this sort of thing under wraps.

One of the more amusing results is this thread, in which one of the gag guesses results in mock-up covers of DC’s greatest series – Batman’s Moon Patrol, and Monkey!

2. In case anyone’s wondering, I happen to like John Byrne’s superhero comics (with an exception or two, of course). I think he does perfectly acceptable superhero comics in the “classic” tradition…not groundbreaking stuff, but it’s not meant to be, either. Hey, it can’t all be Acme Novelty Library (another favorite of mine).

2a. Mentioning Chris Ware and John Byrne in the same sentence violates some kind of natural law, I’d imagine.

3. Comics Burrito clears up that whole Halle Berry/Catwoman hoax, once and for all. Whew!

4. Okay, most of you call them “comic books.” A few of you call them “floppies,” some use “pamphlets.” Does anyone out there still use “funny books,” or am I the last holdout? (I mean, do any actual comic fans call them “funny books” – your comic-hating parents don’t count.)

5. This weblog hereby promises to stop using the words “interest,” “interesting,” and “hoot” (as in “it’s a hoot!”). The word “ahoy” will, however, be retained, and in fact used to even more excess than before.

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