Enigma & Cerebus

§ February 5th, 2004 § Filed under Uncategorized Comments Off on Enigma & Cerebus

Instead of finishing up reading today’s new comic acquisitions, I ventured into the vast Comic Archives and pulled out my run of Enigma by Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo for rereading. Sometimes you just get the urge, you know?

I did read the new issue of Cerebus, however…so finally it’s become readable and compelling again, and, of course, the series ends next month. Ah, well. Pal Dorian and I were lamenting the fact that there’s been no return visit from the Groucho Marx stand-in Lord Julius (as Sim’s take on the elderly Groucho would have been quite interesting), but that doesn’t seem likely. I’m still holding out for a last page appearance, though!

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