Space Ghost

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An allegedly straight take on Space Ghost is forthcoming from DC Comics, and, as my pal Dorian has said, this could either be absolutely brilliant or an absolute car crash. If it takes the tone of, say, Alan Moore’s Tom Strong (i.e. somewhat tongue-in-cheek), it might not be too bad…though it has a long way to go to match Steve Rude’s masterful version from a few years back.

I know some hardcore Space Ghost fans were appalled by Cartoon Network’s Coast-to-Coast spoof, feeling it impugned the integrity of the character…hate to tell you this, but SG, like most cartoons, was created to keep kids on their butts in front of the TV so the network could force-feed them commercials. There’s the character’s integrity. If anyone got any entertainment at all out of the cartoons…well, that was most likely an welcome, if unintended, side effect.

And yes, yes, I know Alex Toth designed the character…that’s probably the only reason the show worked as well as it did.

Additional linkage: an incredibly comprehensive FAQ for the original cartoon

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